Ole Stenvinkel Nilsson, PhD

Accreditation - Quality Assurance - Market Research

I am a Danish citizen, born 1950, and living in a house in Kongens Lyngby, 12 kilometers north of Copenhagen. We built the house ourselves in 1994.


My wife is a Pharmacist, and together we have two children, Line and Rasmus. Line is about to finish her education as M.Sc. in Strategic Market Creation at Copenhagen Business School and Rasmus is studying Computer Science at Copenhagen University.


Kongens Lyngby is a green community, with lakes and woods dominating the community. My house is only 500 meters from Dyrehaven, a large forest with a royal castle, wildlife and a nature that recently has gained Unesco World Heritage recognition. The town is also home of the Danish Technical University and Lyngby Nord business Academy as well as a number of other educational institutions.


With the strong focus on science and education the town has been able to attract a large number of companies. More than 7,000 companies, of which almost 1,500 are working within knowledge services, are located in Kongens Lyngby. This includes several large research intensive companies, including Microsoft, AP Moller Drilling, Haldor Topsoe, and Novozymes.


The center of Kongens Lyngby is a lively shopping community with cafes, restaurants, cinemas, library, and a large number of retail outlets.


I very much enjoy this combination of nature, education, business, and city facilities. I start every morning with exercise for 40-60 minutes in a fitness center and, when the weather allows, I enjoy walking in nature. As a former marathon runner (six runs in Copenhagen and Berlin, pr. 3 hours and 14 minutes) I enjoy long walks. The rest of the day is spent with work, home activities, cooking, but also with some reading (mostly crime novels, but also biographies and history). I have a dream of writing a crime novel myself sometime in the future!


Together with my wife I often go out dining, visit theaters and cinema, and musical concerts.

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