Professional History

10 years experience in Quality Assurance & Accreditation


PhD in Consumer Brand Choice - M.Sc. in Marketing and Statistics

I have a solid, research-based knowledge in marketing, research and statistics and many years of teaching experience in these areas at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and at Danish business academies where I succeeded in making difficult material understandable to students with no formal mathematical background.


In marketing I have special competences in direct and dialogue marketing and in CRM, where I have built models to calculate customer retention and customer life time value. I have been teaching on these topics at CBS and at the DM School (now the CRM Academy) organized by the Danish Marketing Association.


My leadership competences are acquired in functions as Head of Department of Theoretical Statistics at CBS, Program Director for the M.Sc. Program at CBS, Dean of the Economic Faculty at CBS, and President of BI Norwegian School of Business.


Over the last ten years, I have been responsible for CBS’ international accreditations and rankings. I have been successfully managing CBS’ EQUIS reaccreditation in 2010 and 2015, CBS’ initial AMBA accreditation in 2007 and reaccreditation in 2012, and CBS’ initial AACSB business accreditation in 2011. At present, I support CBS’ AACSB reaccreditation 2016 as an 'external expert'.


During this work, I have gained a solid knowledge on all aspects of the accreditation process, accreditation standards and documentation requirements. I know the process from both sides of the table since I have served as member and chairman of EQUIS and EPAS accreditation teams in a number of countries (Australia, England, France, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Canada, and Vietnam).


Career Highlights


  • Responsible for CBS’ Ranking Strategy (2011 - 2015)
  • Responsible for CBS’ External Program Evaluations (2012 - 2013)
  • Responsible for CBS' AACSB Business Accreditation (finalized in 2011)
  • Responsible for CBS' AMBA Accreditation (finalized in 2007)
  • Responsible for CBS' EQUIS Reaccreditation (2010 & 2015)



Special Appointments & Memberships


  • Senior Advisor to the President, President’s Office, CBS (2013 – 2015)
  • Member of CBS’ International Committee (2011 – 2012)
  • Member of Supervisor Corps for Academic Development, CBS (2011 – 2012)
  • Member of the EQUIS Committee, European Foundation for Management - EFMD (2006 – 2011)
  • Member of Management Group, CBS (2006 – 2009)



Employment History


Part-time Lecturer, Marketing Department 2016 –

Copenhagen Business School


Director of Accreditation and Quality Assurance 2006 – 2015

Copenhagen Business School


President 2005 – 2006

BI Norwegian School of Management


Dean 2000 – 2005

Copenhagen Business School


Program Director, M.Sc. program 1994 – 2000

Copenhagen Business School


Program Director, B.Sc. in Business & Mathematics 1990 – 1991

Copenhagen Business School


Associate Professor, Marketing Department 1990 - 2000

Copenhagen Business School


Associate Professor, Department of Theoretical Statistics 1980 - 1990

Copenhagen Business School


Head of Department, Department of Theoretical Statistics 1983 - 1989

Copenhagen Business School


Assistant Professor, Department of Theoretical Statistics 1974 - 1980

Copenhagen Business School





Accreditation & Quality Assurance Experience 2006 - Present


2003 – 2011 | Chairman of a number of EQUIS Accreditation Peer Reviews. This function includes

organisation of the site visit at the applicant university, drafting the peer review report and

formulating the recommendation on accreditation to the EQUIS Awarding Body. Visits include

universities in England, France, Canada, Australia.



2006 – 2011 | Member of the EQUIS Committee, the organisation making decisions on accreditation

eligibility of candidate universities. More than 30 different universities reviewed.



2006 – 2011 | Chairman of several EPAS Program Accreditation reviews. Functions similar to EQUIS, but focused on specific programs. Visits include universities in Russia, Poland, Vietnam and the UK at undergraduate and graduate level.



2004 – 2005 | As Dean of CBS, actively involved in the School's EQUIS reaccreditation application,

and participating in the review process leading to successful reaccreditation in 2005.






University Leadership Program 2004

Harvard University - Institute of Higher Education


PhD, Stochastic Brand Choice Models 1983

Copenhagen Business School


M.Sc., Economics - Marketing & Statistics 1974

Copenhagen Business School


B.Sc., Economics 1972

Copenhagen Business School



Selected Publications


2013 - Nilsson, Ole Stenvinkel (co-author Michael Møller Nielsen) ‘Early Student Experience and Dropout – Results from a Longitudinal Study’. Paper to be presented at EAIR 35th Annual Forum, Rotterdam, August 28th – 31st 2013


2012 - Nilsson, Ole Stenvinkel ‘Organizing Quality Assurance for Multiple Programs in a Decentralized Organizational Setting – the Case of Copenhagen Business School’. Paper presented at the 7th European Quality Assurance Forum, Tallin, November 22-24 2012


2012 - Nilsson, Ole Stenvinkel (co-author Michael Møller Nielsen) ’Course Learning Strategies for Efficient Student Performance’, Paper presented at EAIR 34th Annual Forum, Stavanger, September 5th – 8th 2012


2012 - Nilsson, Ole Stenvinkel (co-authors Leif Hansen and Finn Hansson) ‘Kvalitetsudvikling eller konkurrencespil? Benchmarking, Akkreditering, Auditering og Ranking’ (in Danish). Book Chapter in Hanne Leth Andersen and Jens Christian Jacobsen (ed.) ‘Uddannelseskvalitet I en Globaliseret Verden’ Copenhagen 2012 (18 pages)


2011 - Nilsson, Ole Stenvinkel (co-author Jakob Ravn and Sven Bislev) ‘The Art of Program Management – How to Balance Multiple Tasks and conflicting Stakeholder Interests’. Paper presented at 6th European Quality Assurance Forum, Antverp, November 17-19 2011.


2010 - Nilsson, Ole Stenvinkel ; Rovio-Johansson, Airi. / Relative Efficiency of Research Assessment Based on External Peer Review: Evidence from Copenhagen Business School. Paper presented at 3rd Annual HEIR Conference, Dublin, June 28-30 2010.


2006 - “Direct Marketing” (Co-author H.H.Søndersted Olsen), in L. Grønholdt“Market Communication – Danish Advertising Media” (in Danish)


2004 - “The Role of Ph.D. programmes in Branding and Quality Development of Business Schools”, EFMD Magazine Forum


2001 - “Direct Marketing” (in Danish). In Fl. Hansen (ed.)“Communication, Media Planning and Advertising” (in Danish)


2000 - “Measuring Shopping Behaviour and Store Loyalty in the Grocery Sector” (Co-author J. K. Olsen), Ledelse og Erhvervsøkonomi (in Danish)


1998 - “Managing Database Marketing Quality”. In Peter Neergaard (ed.) “New Perspectives in Quality Management, DJØF


1998 - “Customer Life Time Value”, Børsen’s Handbook in Direct Marketing (in Danish).


1996 - “Measuring Consumer Retail Store Loyalty” (Co-author J.K. Olsen). Marketing Department, CBS.


1994 - “The Changing Consumer in Denmark” (Co-author Hans Solgaard), International Journal of Research in Marketing, Vol. 12, No 5.


1993 - “SalesPlan – a forecasting and decision Support system for fast moving consumer Goods” (Co-author J. K.Olsen) ESOMAR/EMAC/AFM Symposium on information Based Decision Making in Marketing.


1992 - “Exposure Frequency Distributions and related topics” Co-author J. K. Olsen), Department of Marketing, CBS.


1991 - “The Joint Effect of several Marketing Activities: Early Experiences with Teleshopping in Denmark”. Paper presented at ESOMAR seminar “How advertising works and how Promotions work”. Amsterdam.


For direct access to my publications registered CBS Library, click here.


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