Stenvinkel Consult offers the following services:

Marketing Research


I offer services in planning and executing marketing research. My services include advice and practical operations in the collection, analysis and application of qualitative and quantitative marketing data. Based on my research background, I am able to build advanced statistical models to make most possible information out of data; including models for segmentation, forecasting and testing hypotheses of consumer behavior.



Accreditation Project Management


My services on accreditation include all phases in the accreditation process, including:


  • Decision to apply for international accreditation
  • School/program accreditation mentoring & preparation
  • Accreditation documentation advice & preparation
  • On-site assessment rehearsal
  • Mock peer review



Teaching, Courses and Lectures in marketing and statistics


I offer teaching and courses at all levels in the following disciplines :


  • General Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Theoretical and Applied Statistics
  • Direct Marketing, CRM, and Customer Loyalty


I can teach both in existing programs and courses and in tailor made courses or lectures designed for special audiences, with special concern of the participants’ prerequisites and expected outcome. My qualifications are based on extensive teaching experience at Graduate Diploma, Bachelor, and Master level at Copenhagen Business School, Niels Brock Business Academy, Lyngby Nord Business Academy, Royal Navy’s Officer Program, Danish Civil Defence Officer Program, and DM School offered by Danish Marketing Association.



Mentoring and Coaching


In addition to my academic career, I have held leadership positions as program director, head of department, and dean. Based on these leadership experiences I serve as voluntary mentor for DJOEF, the Danish Lawyers’ and Economists’ Union and I offer mentoring and coaching for free to people who believe they can benefit from my experiences as an academic, or as academic leader.

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